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Tunic Fabric - Aquired
Tab/Obi Fabric - Poss. Aqu.
Pants Fabric - Yet To Aquire
Cloak Fabric - Yet To Aquire
Boots - Yet To Aquire
Belt - Make/Buy?
Pouches - Make/Buy?
Food Capsules - Ordered Pens
Lightsaber - Aquired
Horns - Yet To Aquire
Make-Up - Yet To Aquire
Jackman's Fabrics

This is my journal chronicalling the progress on my custom Jedi costume, in descending date order.

I probably won't officially start this project until summer, but I've begun compiling all my research, made my design and begun collecting my materials. My Jedi is going to be a Zabrak. There are so many human Jedi out there, but an alien is so much more fun, and I've noticed aliens usually have a little more leeway for costume customizations. For my costume, I plan to have dark brown for all components except the main tunic. My undertunic will be a scoop neck instead of a v-neck with vertical pintucks for visual interest. The overtunic will go down about mid-thigh with a bit of a full skirt to it. The sleeves will be binded around the forearms with brown strips. Here is my design:

My Jedi Sketch. Click to see full image

The day after I came up with this design I stumbled across a great fabric that will be perfect for my outer tunic. It is a linen/rayon blend and looks very much like the sample of Obi-Wan's tunic fabric I have with my Dressing The Galaxy book, only a little lintier.

My Jedi Fabric. Click to see full image

I also ordered a box of 14 Staedtler liquid point 5 pens to make my jedi food capsules out of. According to other sources, these pens were what they made the real ones out of for the movie. They are a german made pen and they don't just carry them at the Office Depot anymore and I can't find any dealers online. I lucked out and found a US Dealer on eBay so I snagged them while I could. I'll probably make them all up, keep 6 and sell the rest.

My pens and reference pictures. Click to see full image

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