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Tunic Fabric - Aquired
Tab/Obi Fabric - Poss. Aqu.
Pants Fabric - Yet To Aquire
Cloak Fabric - Yet To Aquire
Boots - Yet To Aquire
Belt - Make/Buy?
Pouches - Make/Buy?
Food Capsules - Ordered Pens
Lightsaber - Aquired
Horns - Yet To Aquire
Make-Up - Yet To Aquire
Jackman's Fabrics

I am in the planning process of making an Old Republic Zabrak Jedi costume. I used to have Jedi Robe making instructions on this site that I wrote back in high school that were popular, and some people still find the page. I'll be putting new, better instructions up this year. I'll probably start this project in the summer. For now, I am aquiring the materials I need. For a little more interest than just a standard, human Jedi, I chose to do a Zabrak; the same species as Darth Maul and Eeth Koth.

My Jedi Sketch. Click to see full image

If you are seeking instructions and tutorials on building your own Jedi costume, here are a few great resources:

Padawan's Guide
Rebel Legion


[REFERENCE IMAGES] -For reference pictures of face characters, I have several image galleries on my site.

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