At The Moment:
Current Project List:
 -Parade Handmaiden
 -Regency Era Gown
Upcoming Project List:
 -Padme Lake Gown
 -Mara Jade
 -N.B.Xmas Sally
 -KK Snow White

Starting sewing the Undergown for the [Parade Handmaiden], picture posted.
My first draft of the [Regency Corset]is done. The body of the final corset is done, and I'm in the process of cord quilting it. I also started on the [Parade Handmaiden] from Star Wars: Ep I.
Regency Chemise done! [Regency Research Page]
My Regency Era chemise is almost done, check out my [Regency Research Page]
Started research for [Regency Era Garb]
Hope you enjoy the Holiday Layout! New costumes and original designs should be up sometime in December, I'll keep everyone posted...
Updated the [PLUM PIRATE] page with more instructive pictures and visuals.
The [PLUM PIRATE] was nearly finished in time for the premeire, but it looked fabulous on Zizzy nonetheless. [CLICK HERE] to see the finished piece on it's Captain.
Started a [HISTORY OF COSTUME TIMELINE]. So far I have information posted on the Ancient Egyptians, and Ancient Crete & Greece.
Got some work done on the [TORNABUONI GOWN] sleeves.
I finished the [PLUM PIRATE] underdress last night!
I got in my shells for the large part of the shell necklace for the [PADMÈ LAKE GOWN]!
Added up the page for [ELIZABETH SWANN'S PLUM PIRATE GOWN] research I have so far, these are general notes, I'll have more specific stuff after I'm done. Also put up a [PLUM GOWN GALLERY] of reference images I captured and pics of my version of the costume.
Took some pictures of the completed [Tudor Yule Gown] tonight!
I took some screen caps today of Padmè's pastel [Lake Gown]