The pictures in this gallery are of the Dressing the Galaxy Exhibit by Trisha Biggar, Lucasfilms, and FIDM and all these costumes are properties of their respected owners, etc etc legal jargon. These are the pictures I snapped during the Septemer 10th, 2005 Opening Party. Not only did I get to meet Trisha Bigger, I got my picture taken with George Lucas! Short story behind it, he seemed to be zoning out, doing the whole PR thing, not seeing the people coming up to take pics with him, but after it was taken, I turned to him to thank him, he noticed me, blinked, smiled and went "Woah!" I don't know why, just that it was a good 'whoa' and that I didn't scare him ;)

Exhibit is open from September 19th - December 10th, 2005