Corset Muslin Corset Muslin

Corset Muslin Corset Muslin

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Back to Completed Projects Page[06/18/05] This little number I've wanted to do for a while mostly so I could try aging and distressing techniques. I also want to recreate the Disney outfits because they are so gorgeous and yet, all the official Disney versions I've seen look very cheesy, it's like working from concept art. I found my excuse to make it in the form of Clothing Construction I at school. While every one was doing beginners projects I used class as an excuse to make this *g*

Underdress: The underdress I made from 100% blue linen I picked up in LA. I was told by the man who sold it to me that the bolt I was buying from was linen specially dyed for a movie, it might have been Lord of the Rings, I don't remember because he showed me a few fabrics he sold for the making of LOTR. I used Butterick Pattern 4017 for the base for this, I only really changed the neckline and did buttons instead of a zipper. The sleeves for the Cinderella outfit are 3/4ths, and I meant to make them full sleeves and roll them up to 3/4ths, but I didn't quite size the sleeves right and just ended up making them straight 3/4ths sleeves. I put buttonholes up the back and used wooden buttons for a simple feel, as plastic is too 20th century, metal is too "rich". I asked my textiles teacher who has worked on movie costumes before for some tips on aging and she told me to tea-dye the fabric, and then run sandpaper over the whole thing, concentrating on heavy-wear areas like the hems, knees, elbows. I wore the elbows to form the beginnings of holes, and put a patch of dark blue linen over one elbow. She also told me to rip off random buttons and replace them with different buttons. I found some neat shell buttons I used. One more tip that I haven't done yet is she told me to rip out some of my seams and hand-sew them closed, probably with different color thread. When I tea-dyed this I used 3 of the large ice-tea bags, and while it looks older than the original fabric, it still isn't too big a difference, I'll have to use a stronger tea or more bags next time.

Overskirt: For the overskirt, I ordered white linen from Fabrics-Store.com (GREAT Linen Source) and used dye from Dharma Trading Company to dye the fabric brown (I used the "Dark Brown" dye). I still can't dye fabric completely evenly, which still actually works great for doing a peasant outfit. I used my own circle skirt pattern which I should be adding instructions for sometime soon. The same aging techniques apply, though when I tried to see if tea dyeing would do anything, I think it actually evened out the color more than splotch it up!

Bodice: The bodice I used trusty Simplicity 8855, a scottish costume with a bodice pattern. I have made many bodices out of this pattern, it's very easy to alter this pattern and change the look. This one doesn't have as low a cut as bodices usually have so I had to raise the neckline on it. I didn't bone or interface this bodice, as it's peasant wear it's meant to be soft for working in, not clean and crisp. I put eyelets in it using an eyelet punch and metal eyelets. Then I hand-sewed thread around each eyelet so it LOOKS handsewn. I do this because it is more neat than handsewn eyelets and is more stable also. I aged it and used 2 yards of cording to lace it up.

Apron and Kerchief: The Apron is not a pure rectangle. As you can see in the Disney art, it is tapered at the top and flares out a bit, which is how I drew the pattern. The start of each side should be a couple inches on each side from the hips in, and then taper out nicely from there. I was going to do a poofy bow tie by making a thin band that kind of flares out like a bow tie to create that "poof" effect, but I was pressed for time to get this in the school's fashion show so I went with a two inch wide band all the way around, which still makes a nice bow. In the Disney version there is a floating "tear" un the right sight of the apron in some scenes. I haven't added this yet as I still have to age the apron. I'm going to try gray rit dye to "dingy" up the white. The kerchief is circular in shape, and I ended up making mine slightly less than a half-circle while had ties worked into the end. I found a great way to age it too. I dropped it while putting my dummy into the car (strapping it into the passenger seat actually) and didn't realize it, then ran it over with my car. At least there's no noticable tread pattern!