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This gallery contains images of actual vintage gowns in the early 1900's from various sources. No infringement is intended, this gallery is for entertainment and educational purposes only. If you know of any additional information on these gowns or have pictures you will let me use or wish to provide a link, please email me at Verdaera@RebelsHaven.com

"Ball Gown
Gift of Mrs. John W. Mackay
Formal evening balls required a "full toilet," that is, decolette gowns with bare arms. Popularly known in New Orleans as costume de rigeur, these dresses were accessorized with long gloves extending above the elbows. Opulent jewelry was worn above the low neckline and over the gloves.

Movement and manners reflected the constrictive garments that were worn to achieve the idealized figure of this era.

Tailcoat and Trousers
c. 1900
Gift of Mrs. George Mayer
In 1900 the costume de rigeur for men's formal evening attire consisted of a black tailcoat and black trousers, a white dress shirt with a stiff shirt front, wing collars, a white tie, a white pique vest, white gloves and black patent leather pumps or loafers.

Beau Brummel introduced black as the color for men's evening wear in England in 1810. Changes since that time have been made gradually and through small details. For example, a front crease did not appear on trousers until the 1880s. after 1900, trousers had creases on the front and back."

-Quoted from source: [LOUISIANA STATE MUSEUM]

"Evening gown

Silk, sequins
Gift of Irene Lewisohn, 1937"

-Quoted from source: [METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART]

"Perry estate evening bag with a mirror base

Made from beaded silver metallic lace over gold satin."

-Quoted from source: [VINTAGE TEXTILE]


Ice blue silk satin embroidered in scrolling floral motif.

” Martin, Richard and Harold Koda. Haute Couture. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1995."

-Quoted from source: [METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART]

"Floral tulle dress with beaded/embroidered panels

-Quoted from source: [VINTAGE TEXTILES]

"Perry estate hand-embroidered sheer cotton gown

-Quoted from source: [VINTAGE TEXTILES]


Additional Images:

-Quoted from source: [VINTAGE TEXTILES]